“Where Creation Is Always An Artistic Process”

Artist Playground is an arts and performance company that exists to facilitate discoveries through the very basic and primal system of learning, "Playing". It is a laboratory without the controlled scientific atmosphere that marks glitches as failures. It is a training ground without structured limitations and boundaries set by popular standards. It is a space where emerging, mid-career and seasoned artists can breathe life to their creative ideas. It is a movement that celebrates the power of creation. Most of all, it aims to be an institution that guards the soul of the Filipino Communities through the use of various creative disciplines in proliferating essential truths.



To create a collaborative environment for artists from all fields of art.



To be one of the principal Arts Company in the Philippines.



Artist Playground vision is not just about producing quality productions and exhibits but it is also about creating equal opportunities to experience art as an essential movement and a critical element of life that has the ability to empower and enlighten.

Artist Playground acknowledges the strong need of specific communities, individuals and groups commonly marginalized by limitations to fully experience the illuminating benefits of the arts.

Through the foundation of a body that will push for this advocacy, Artist Playground hopes to promote the arts as part of life’s essentials and to create possibilities for more people to discover the rewards that the arts promise.