Is a result of Artist Playground’s desire to create equal opportunities to experience art as an essential movement and a critical element of life.

It acknowledges the strong need of specific communities, individuals and groups commonly marginalized by limitations to fully experience the illuminating benefits of the arts.

Through the foundation of a body that will push for this advocacy, Artist Playground will  promote the arts as part of life’s essentials and will create possibilities for more people to discover the rewards that the arts bring.

Art Angels Advocates is the unit that plans, designs, implements, monitors and controls the advocacy projects of the company. It is the body tasked to form a community of generous individuals, groups, institutions, organizations and corporations that will serve as champions of Artist Playground’s advocacies. It aims to build a community of angels that inspires beautiful creations and help spread the understanding and appreciation of life and its beauty through music, visual arts, theatre, film and dance. 


You don't need Halos and Wings to be an Angel! Here in Artist Playground you can be one!