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November 11 - December 09

Opening reception: November 11, Saturday 5PM - 11PM

Ground Zero presents works across various media that explore escape as a viable aesthetic and political—that is to say, artistic—response. Here, escape is not about a naïve denial of the real, but an acknowledgment of the absurdity that dominates the political sphere and increasingly, the hype-culture of contemporary art, and thereafter taking a moment to step aside. 

In this idea of escape, one remains in the midst of everything, in a paradox of stopping in motion. “Umuwi na tayo,” goes the song by the Eraserheads, “dahil wala ng sense ang ating mundo"—which in translation goes “Let’s get back home since the world doesn’t make sense.” Where—or perhaps more precisely, what—home is, sustains itself here as a lingering question whose openness is not only the rationalizing premise of the group exploration, but is also the very aesthetic held forth: these are works that could still the mind, that a new perspective might be born, one without prescription, out of the rare freedom that stillness yields.

{ Part of the proceeds will go to the rehabilation of Marawi. }

Exhibition text by Marc Gaba

Participating Artists:
Celine Lee, Jose Tong, Kevin Nieves, Marc Gaba, Nasser Lubay, Racquel De Loyola, Wipo,

Earlier Event: September 23
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