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June 16 - July 1, 2017
Venue: Artist Playground II
ARTS ABOVE West Venue Bldg., (beside McDonald's)
West Avenue, QC

Artist Playground proudly presents a breakthrough rare theatrical treat with ‘M EPISODES’ --- a two-in-one experience about Macbeth, one of the most famous tragic characters during the Renaissance period.

Synopsis: Once there were three people thrown together by ambition, the pursuit of happiness, and passion both youthfulness and maturity share. A decade or so later, they meet again. What was done is now recalled, what was promised is now collected, and what was taken away is now reclaimed. 

Directed by Roeder Camanag, ‘M EPISODES’ will take audiences to an in-depth view of Macbeth’s world and witness every episode that formed his psyche in two acts. 

Act I: James Chalmers’ “PRELUDE TO MACBETH” introduces us to Lorna Stewart, Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, and Duncan, King of Scotland for the first time.

Act II: William Shakespeare’s “MACBETH” returns to us the three characters, Macbeth now about to be Thane of Cawdor, and Lorna Stewart, now Lady Macbeth. 
The Past now spurs a huge cloud of malice, malignancy, and murderous plots. All in the name of the golden round.

The cast are as follows: 
Prelude to Macbeth - Paul Jake Paule (Macbeth), Jernice Matunan (Lorna), Mariella Munji Laurel (Lorna), Mitoy Sta. Ana and Andre Tiangco (Duncan), Juan Carlo Martin Pacheco and Vincent Pajara (Callum), Tasha Guerrero, Marjorie Duldulao, Princess Tuason, Kia Del Rosario, Jeremy Cabansag (Spirits 1,2,3); 

Macbeth - Paul Jake Paule (Macbeth), Mailes Kanapi and Cathrine Go (Lady Macbeth), Ajo Resurreccion (Banquo), Mitoy Sta. Ana and Andre Tiangco (King Duncan), Al Gatmaitan (Macduff), Vincent Pajara (Malcolm), Dan Sheneill Solis and Erdin Mojica (Fleance), Juan Carlo Martin Pacheco (Ross), Basty Batistis and Paulo Jocosol ( Porter), Marjorie Duldulao and Tasha Guerrero (Lady Macduff), Tasha Guerrero, Princess Tuason, Kia Del Rosario, Jeremy Cabansag, Marjorie Duldulao (Three Witches),

The play shall run on June 16 until July 1, 2017 with 7 pm shows on Friday and 3pm show every Saturday and Sunday.

The artistic team of M Episode are as follows: Roeder Camañag (Director); Myra Beltran (Choreographer); Jesse Lucas (Music); Banaue Miclat-Janssen (Speech and Voice Consultant); Reynoso Mercado (Production Designer); Anthony Salvador (Lights Designer); Paul Jake Paule (Lay-out Designer); Jaynus Olaivar (Photographer); and Alvin Espiritu (Dance Captain).

Earlier Event: February 23