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It Is What It Isn't

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The material world requires constants for it to be physically possible. It’s straightforward as that. The table signifies a platform where you can place objects on; the chair, a smaller platform you may sit on. It’s easy and comforting to know that what you know is what you know. You wake up for breakfast and your coffee is hot. You go to work and there is work to be done. Blood runs under your skin and it is warm. Life has purpose and meaning is set in stone. It is what it is…

until it isn’t. Your hold over reality slips and you find yourself drowning in a sea of confusion. Meaning becomes fluid and it twists when you least expect it. Suddenly you find yourself in a room of mismatched questions and answers. Nothing is set in stone.

One thing’s for sure: It is what it isn’t.

— It is what it isn’t is an exploration of meaning beyond the confines of fixed meaning. A group show that aims to question the foundations of existence as we know it, hopefully leaving a question or two for the viewers to chew on—

Participating Artists: Deej Castillo Baudin, Earl Agustin, Fiona Helena, Gerome Soriano, James Ryan Lustro, Joen Magpusao Sudlon, Joey Callejas Ibuyat, Josh Limon Palisoc, Ken Brand (aka Kean Barrameda), Mica Cueco, Naomi Mendoza, Red Lava Salonga, Rowshan Begum, Shannah Orencio

Written by Wesly Sy

Opening Reception: January 13, Saturday 6PM
On view until February 3.

See you at the gallery!