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Abstract Reasoning

  • District Gallery Arts Above, 112 West Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Mankla Philippines (map)
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Abstract Reasoning 
December 1 - December 23

Celine Lee, Jao San Pedro, Jed Gregorio, Jose Tong, Miguel Lorenzo Uy

To measure one’s abstract reasoning through answering a test suggests the objectivity of abstract thoughts. How can you, in all your subjectivities as an individual, be made to answer a test of shapes and lines put together only to make you choose which should come next in a sequence?

Carl Jung and his concept of the collective unconscious states that humankind has already established a structure and pattern of thinking that evolved through generation after generation. This structure only becomes concrete and observable through manifestations - what Jung would call archetypes. Common manifestations bring forth the totality of these unconscious thoughts and actions.

“No, the collective unconscious is anything but an encapsulated personal system; it is sheer objectivity, as wide as the world and open to all the world. There I am object of every subject, in complete reversal of my ordinary consciousness, where I am always the subject that has an object. There I am utterly one with the world, so much a part of it that I forget easily who I really am. ‘Lost in oneself’ is a good way of describing this state. But this self is the world, if only a consciousness could see it. That is why we must know who we are.” —C. G. Jung

You stand within a space bounded by white walls.

Among the walls of the gallery are images taken from the human body - fragmented, morphed, & juxtaposed.

As you move deeper within the space, an invisible, geometric pattern can be drawn from your mind - activated by the movement of the body and recognized through the sound of a rainstick.

A tower, straddling between the conscious and the unconscious, the imagined and the real, the temporal and atemporal.

Elsewhere: A rug, a table, a chair, a sequence of images, a story, and a figment of memory.

Two sheets of paper are suspended from the ceiling - one has a pattern; the other is composed of a gestalt of pinholes.

How will you complete the sequence?

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