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N/A : a group show

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N/A : a group show
April 21 – May 13, 2018

Opening Reception: April 21, Saturday 5 - 10PM

When the present address becomes muddled with white noise and too many conflicting meanings—to the point that it loses all meaning—the best place to retreat to, is nowhere. Not within nor in between definite places, but an entirely new space where all the previous confines are not applicable.

N/A is a collective expression and appreciation of nothingness. It is a re-calibration of each of one’s focal point and a retracing of one’s origins in nothingness. It is a breaking away from the mundane daily chaos, and a step into an exploration of the impartial void. By immersing oneself in nothingness, each artist unearths her or his personal myths. 

Nasser Lubay adds another dimension to his imaginary world, whose prevalent themes are memory, wisdom, behavior, mental, fantasy, and the surreal. His new works for this exhibition will be an emotional response that has no meaning and function, a movement that flows without direction, and a study of undefined and invisible attraction. His work was borne from the desire to be in a space without restriction and validation. 

Art Tavera continues his journey into the rabbit hole of conflict, frustration, the illogical, and human behavior when all these factor in. His mixed media works depict unity in disunity, oblivion, emptiness and obscurity, believing that these themes are inexhaustible sources of both inspiration and an inaudible kind of internal terror.

Wipo’s focus is human behavior and nature. Through abstract expressionism, he provides glimpses into nothingness and infinity—believing that what we can ever really see are just fragments of both. His use of straight lines represent sensibility, while exploring the mathematical concept of infinity wedged between zero and one. Borrowing inspiration from a line in Bob Dylan’s song “Not Dark Yet”, his works simulate how it might feel when “I know it feels like I’m movin’/ but I’m standin’ still”.

Eve Yu’s paintings consist of a spiraling and layering of two images that are influenced by the concepts of the duplicity of zero’s nature. The layering, represents the facet of zero as definite yet detached from concrete reality. It also represents both zero’s emptiness on its own, and its value when juxtaposed next to a number. In Mathematics, it is both powerful and helpless; powerful because of its indivisibility and that number multiplied by zero gives a constant product =0, any number raised to zero =1, and helpless because when applied in addition and subtraction, zero seems to cease to exist, (the latter represented by the works’ spirals). 

All works above are both process and product of discoveries made in the act of detaching, dismantling and reshaping of perspectives. 

Text by: Nikki Ignacio
Nikki has been writing for major publications and advertising and PR agencies since 2008. As an attempt to pursue a growing interest in science and development work, she is currently shifting to science writing and development communications. At the moment, she is a full-time Science Writer for the Development of Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite (PHL-Microsat), and has completed certificate programs for Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction and Organic Agriculture in the University of the Philippines Open University. Her short story “Dalaw”, is part of All That Darkness Allows, a Summit Books Horror Anthology released in 2016.

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