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Relentless: A Two Person Show

Relentless: A Two Person Show
May 19 - June 17, 2018

Opening Reception: May 19, Saturday 6PM - 10PM

Annie Concepcion and Leny Leonor explore works that thrive on themes related to the practice of Hunting. Grotesque images of animals are presented: hauntingly beautiful situations where subjects become predators and/or preys. Relentless takes the task of investigating one’s ceaseless obsession to hunt: the need to force one’s strength over another, resulting in submission or death. The two female artists on this show propose a different point of view for an activity that is usually associated to masculinity and attempt to shift the perspective of its goal: from trophies gained form these earthly pursuits to understanding who is the hunter and what is being hunted.

Here, the artists illustrate animals and objects that allow us to consider the varying forms of hunting, probing on the vitality of the practice. Concepcion defines hunting in two: manhunt and murder. In her “manhunt series”, hunting becomes metaphor for man’s incessant search for a partner (whether romantic or purely sexual). Interestingly so, the archaic term for hunting, venery, also means the quest of sexual indulgence. Concepcion brings forth the futility of the cliché, “fighting for love”, when it involves pursuits that continue to target the past, settling for the same old lovers, and equating them with rotten apples where flies feast upon. In her “murder series”, power is displayed in numbers with images of crows attacking their prey, which is an interpretation that delves on the artist’s fascination to the term “a murder of crows”.

Meanwhile, Leny Leonor uses the works of old masters, Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders, as reference to how hunting is observed in the modern world: either for survival or for leisure, the latter serves as a problematic case for man’s display of supremacy and thirst for inflating the ego when it is defined by the number of beasts shot on a wild hunting trip. As with her previous works, Leonor’s obsession with the present –the exact moment of capturing these images to painting, rendering textures and colors--- draws parallel to hunting. Here, Leonor contemplates on each canvas and hunts for the most fitting execution of these images drawn from life and objects, focuses on the target, readies the weapon, and attacks the canvas. This show of dominance over her artistic process carries the same amount of thrill and chase that a hunter embodies: ego inflated by finally capturing the elusive and having the will to remain in the game. In one of her works in this show, Leonor illustrated animals that seem to fly out of the Holy Grail. In Arthurian legends, the grail was said to have received the blood of Christ while on the cross and, hence, those who shall obtain it will receive divine grace. Leonor’s interpretation seem to contradict from this notion where the animals symbolize life thrown out from the chalice, a statement that in hunting, only the chase matters. Therefore, we all live up to respond to a task in a loop because all that there is, is hunting for hunting.

Gwen Bautista
May 2018

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