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May 19 - June 17, 2018

Exhibition Text:

The key to art lies in breaking its rules and redefining it. For centuries movements in art have been brought about by a reaction to the current norms of society and the realities of its present: from the painters of the Impressionist era trying to free themselves from the confines of Realism, to the Italian Neorealism’s gritty rebuttal to the films of classical Hollywood. A rebellion of sorts, art’s evolution comes from pushing the boundaries of the laws of its time. Though the promise of new eras of art is a welcoming reward, discovery is never a journey without fret.

The greatest artists always played with fire, knowing that innovation never slept in the crevices of comfort. It traverses the perilous landscape of the unknown and dives head first into the deep waters of judgement and criticism. Not for the faint of heart, art settles on the pit of our stomachs and the back of our throats. It forms beads of sweat on our brow and doubt in our mind. As with any man who steps into unknown territory, it leaves him unsettled. 

Peer through the lens of a group of individuals who thrive on the uneasiness of creation. Unsettled is a manifestation of experimentation and the restless child of creativity and ingenuity. Luis Lorenzo Hidalgo, Marian Barro, LikhaCo, and Pren_o take the torch and play with the fires of the current to test the limits of their creative norm. With the art of film and photography they leave themselves vulnerable yet attain something new. Pushed by the thirst of new terrain, they set off into the abyss and throw caution to the wind.

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