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Chico Quizon: Robot Scans Flower

  • District Gallery 112 West Avenue Quezon City, NCR Philippines (map)

Chico Quizon: Robot Scans Flower

October 12 - November 09

Opening reception: October 12, Saturday 5pm - 10pm

Robot Scans Flower is a depiction of a simple act by a fictional and fantastical subject and the illustration of the details involved in the subject and its target. The audience never sees the actual act itself we only know that it occurs. The mixed media drawings and the videos serve as informational artworks. They serve as pieces in a puzzle that serve to inform the bigger piece that is the show itself. The show continues the artist’s exploration of recontextualizing graphical elements. These elements are utilized in an aesthetic capacity as well as in an info graphical one which allow them to mesh with their subject as a design and artistic element as well as a utilitarian one. The labels, numbers, and diagrams within the illustrations and videos are as important aesthetically as the flowers or helmet or robot that they label, enumerate and diagram. The show suggests that there is art in the utility of these elements and attempts to create a utility in that art, and in doing so depict a fictional instance where the audience can participate.

Chico Quizon was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines in 1978. At the age of 10, he and his family immigrated to Alabama, USA. After 25 years, he finally returned home in 2013 where he had his first real dose of Philippine art at Makati's Ayala Museum. Botong Francisco: A Nation Imagined was on display. The work was iconic and nationalistic. It roused his Philippine DNA and planted the seed of hope which he now wants to fulfill. Like him, perhaps now his artwork can come home as well.

He grew up hoping to draw graphic novels and idolizing greats such as Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio. He became interested in the Fine Arts when his sister brought home a library copy of Philip Rawson’s book "Drawing". From it, he learned the foundational elements of his technical and theoretical understanding of drawing. Rawson’s ideas exposed him to the expressive possibilities of drawing. He plucked the names of the artists used by Rawson in his examples and delved into the masterworks of Michelangelo, Matisse, Picasso, and Dali. His tireless study and practice earned him one of the only two art scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen at the University of Alabama. As a Studio Art major, he was introduced to Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades which expanded Chico's idea of what constitutes a work of art. His belief in the artistic relevance of infographics sprang from here. In his junior year, he declined another art scholarship to move to New York City so he can pursue his artistic ambitions. At Hunter College, he would be influenced by the work of Edward Tufte (American statistician and pioneer in data visualization) and the art of informational design. Chico’s exploration of Tufte’s work and continued belief in the artistic possibilities of design would lead him to learn and utilize digital techniques. He finished his studies at Hunter College in 2004, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art.

The following years would found him continuing to expand his artistic skills and ideas. While freelancing as a graphic designer and working as a night audit manager, Chico also found himself working as an independent film director, web coder and designer, and even as an emergency medical technician! These various experiences have all found their way into projects that led to a show at his former college and a spot at a Film Festival. Recently, Chico has been participating in a number of group shows at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. His art has evolved with his use of digital tools to compose, process, and enlarge his initial sketches to produce a unique handmade mixed media work. Chico engages his viewers with the familiarity of visual elements rooted in utilitarian graphics while challenging them by contextualising those graphics as art. The mystery for his audience is not in deciphering the images but what lies within the intricacies of how his audience is assembling the various elements of the image and how the visual system functions as it is exploding while simultaneously unifying the image. His works ask the audience if they are viewing information or decoration, functionality or art?

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