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What Comes To You

  • District Gallery 112 West Avenue Quezon City, NCR Philippines (map)

What Comes to You

12 October - 09 November

Opening reception: October 12, Saturday 5pm - 10pm

Artists: Ian Cadiong, Jao San Pedro, Koki Lxx, Mark Copino

It comes to you. Like waking up in the middle of the night. Right when you’re having lunch in a busy cafeteria. It comes to you. A friend is telling you about the best thing that has ever happened to them, but it comes to you. Some thought: new, strange, urgent. And you must do something about it.

It is like a dream, a premonition, an unsettling feeling that you must react or solve. The weavers of the T’boli are said to have dreams of T’nalak patterns, and they must weave those patterns as soon as they awaken, lest they be struck with illness. The Romanticism of the 1800s considered “visions” to be the pinnacle of what an artist can apply his talents to - whether they come from the subconscious or alcohol. From literature, the myriad thoughts that overlap and overtake each other in the mind are presented in a stream of consciousness. Even in the age of the smartphone, the sudden thought is complemented by a photo (that looks nice), notepad (let me write that thought down), or Google (what is it? what is that? who is it? how does it work?)

Ian Cadiong manipulates the viewer's perception by appropriating a Snellen chart, from a clear image guiding, leading to a non-apparent, unfamiliar, unknown form. How much will one continue to look, if what they see is less and less observable? How much will they be able to see?

With faint memories of past habitations, Mark Copino paints simplified spaces. Having moved house countless times over and over, having to carry out an insufferable task of defamiliarization and refamiliarization, his paintings ponder upon some kind of deja vu: there is a transferred nostalgia in something new.

Revolving around an “unnatural” scholar’s rock - instead of a naturally occurring rock, it is a composite of gravel, sand, and concrete. Koki Lxx stages various interpretations of the singular, specifically selected object in attempts to discuss relationships between the manmade, the natural, and perception.

Like specimens mounted on glass slides for examination, Jao San Pedro presents an intimate dissertation on the body and identity. Fragile, fleeting, and finite all at the same time, each strand of hair - shed, shaved and cut - is temporary release in a quest to discover and unite complex aspects of the self.

Cadiong, Copino, Lxx, and San Pedro, present a show of such "visions." Save the intellectual pickings for a later time, these works present a reaction to an immediate stimulus. Be it something about perception, or from countless conversations about being; a sense of place or a push and pull, art is the tool by which we achieve a necessary output in expressing what comes to you

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District Gallery
Arts Above, 112 West Avenue, Quezon City
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